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FISH 'n' Tips: General Tips

Section 8 FISH general

View our collection of FISH 'n' Tips for the fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) protocol. Tips include the benefit of using dedicated solution jars and how to produce sharper, more distinct probe signals by following one simple step.

Steve Chatters, Acting Head, Regulatory and Medical Afairs

Steve Chatters

Periodically washing solution jars and ensuring adequate detergent removal can help reduce background issues.

Jennifer Golding, Global Product Manager - FISH

Jen Golding white background

Having dedicated solution jars (e.g. Coplin jars only for hot wash) for processing steps can prevent poor results due to contamination with incompatible solutions.

Ashley Hart, FISH Field Application Scientist, US & Canada

Ashley v2

Have you tried placing counterstained FFPE slides in a -20°C freezer for minimum of 20mins after FISHing? Some labs say this helps to produce sharper, more distinct probe signals.