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Name Region Application Label Gene Names Catalogue no.
Subtelomere Specific Probes constitutional red green LPT xxxR/G-A (15µl)
SRD (CHD5) Deletion 1p36.31 pathology red green SRD (CHD5) LPS 010-A (100μl)
myProbes® Custom FISH Probes custom red green blue orange yellow (various)
Satellite Enumeration Probes constitutional red green LPE xxxR/G-A (15µl)
1p36 1p36.32 pathology red CDH5, TP73 LPS 513-A (50μl)
PBX1 1q23.3 hematology red PBX1 LPH 504-A (50μl)
PAX7 Breakapart 1p36.13 pathology red green PAX7 LPS 013-A (100μl)
1q25 1q25.2 pathology green ANGPTL1 LPS 512-A (50μl)
CKS1B/CDKN2C(P18) Amplification/Deletion 1q21.3 / 1p32.3 hematology red green CKS1B; CDKN2C (P18) LPH 039-A (100μl)
PAX3 Breakapart 2q36.1 pathology red green PAX3 LPS 012-A (100μl)
ALK Breakapart 2p23.2-p23.1 pathology red green ALK LPS 019-A (100μl)
IGK Breakapart 2p11.2 hematology red green IGK LPH 034-A (100μl)
IGK Breakapart 2p11.2 hematopathology red green IGK LPS 038-A (100μl)
N-MYC (MYCN) Amplification 2p24.3/2q11.2 pathology red green N-MYC (MYCN); LAF4 (AFF3) LPS 009-A (100μl)
EML4 Breakapart 2p21 pathology red green EML4 LPS 020-A (100μl)
MECOM Probe Red 3q26.2 hematology red MECOM LPH 528-A (50μl)
BCL6 Breakapart 3q27.3-q28 hematopathology red green BCL6 LPS 029-A (100μl)
EVI1 (MECOM) Breakapart 3q26.2 hematology red green blue MECOM, MYNN USA-LPH 036 (10 tests)
BCL6 Breakapart 3q27.3 hematology red green BCL6 LPH 035-A (100μl)
Centromere 3 Probe Red 3cen (D3Z1) pathology red LPS 526-A (75μl) - For sale in the US only
LPS 526-SA (15μl) - For sale in the US only
EVI1 (MECOM) Breakapart 3q26.2 hematology red green blue MECOM, LRRC34 LPH 036-A (100μl) - For Sale in Canada only
Wolf-Hirschhorn Region 4p16.3 constitutional red green WHSC2 LPU 009-SA (50μl)
LPU 009-A (100μl)
FIP1L1/CHIC2/PDGFRA Deletion/Fusion 4q12 hematology red green FIP1L1, CHIC2, PDGFRA LPH 032-A (100μl)
AFF1 4q21.3-q22.1 hematology red AFF1 LPH 507-A (50μl)
USP46 (4q12) Probe Green 4q12 hematology green USP46 LPH 535-A (50μl)
IGH/FGFR3 Translocation, Dual Fusion 4p16.3
hematology red green FGFR3
LPH 030-A (100μl)
TET2 Probe Red 4q24 hematology red TET2 LPH 534-A (50μl)
FGFR3 Plus 4p16.3 hematology red FGFR3, MMSET LPH 521-A (50μl)
EGR1/CDC25C (5q31) Probe Green 5q31.2 hematology green EGR1 LPH 541-A (33.3μl)
TERT (5p15.33) Probe Aqua 5p15.33 hematology blue TERT, CLPTM1L, SLC6A3, SDHAP3 LPH 542-A (33.3μl)
CSF1R/RPS14 (5q32-q33) Probe Red 5q32-q33 hematology red CSF1R, RPS14 LPH 540-A (33.3μl)
TLX3 Breakapart 5q35.1 hematology red green TLX3, RANBP17, NPM1, FGF18 LPH 050-A (100μl)
Cri-du-chat and SOTOS Region 5p15.2/5p15.31/5q35 constitutional red green CTNND2, UBE2QL1, NSD1 LPU 013-A (100μl)
LPU 013-SA (50μl)
TAS2R1 (5p15.31) Probe Green 5p15.3 hematology green TAS2R1, SEMA5A LPH 546-A (33.3μl)
Del(5q) Deletion 5q31.2 hematology red green EGR1 LPH 024-A (100μl) - For Sale in Canada only
Del(5q) Deletion 5p15.3 / 5q31.2 hematology red green EGR1 USA-LPH 024 (10 tests)
PDGFRB Breakapart 5q32 hematology red green PDGFRB LPH 031-A (100μl)
DEK Probe Green 6p22.3 hematology green DEK, KDM1B LPH 531-A (50μl)
IGH/CCND3 Translocation, Dual Fusion 6p21
hematology red green CCND3
LPH 040-A (100μl)
CCND3 Plus 6p21 hematology red CCND3 LPH 522-A (50μl)