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Name Region Application Label Gene Names Catalogue no.
MLL (KMT2A) Breakapart 11q23.3 hematology red green KMT2A USA-LPH 013 (10 tests)
MLL (KMT2A) Breakapart 11q23.3 hematology red green KMT2A, CD3G, UBE4A LPH 013-A (100μl) - For Sale in Canada only
MLLT1 19p13.3 hematology red MLLT1 LPH 508-A (50μl)
MLLT3 9p21.3 hematology red MLLT3 LPH 509-A (50μl)
MLLT4 6q27 hematology red MLLT4 LPH 510-A (50μl)
Monosomy 1p36 Region 1p36.33 constitutional red green SKI, MORN1 LPU 020-SA (50μl)
LPU 020-A (100μl)
Mounting Medium ancillary items PCN 003
MPO Probe Red 17q22 hematology red MPO LPD 503-A (50μl)
MPO Probe Red 17q22 pathology red MPO LPD 503-A (50μl)
Murine Chromosome Painting Probes Non-Human red green AMP xxR/G (10 test kit (6 for FFPE))
AMP xxR/G-S (5 test kit (3 for FFPE))
MYB Deletion 6q23.3 hematology red green MYB LPH 016-A (100μl)
MYC Breakapart 8q24.21 hematopathology red green MYC LPS 027-A (100μl)
MYEOV Plus 11q13.3 hematology red MYEOV, TPCN2, CCND1, ORAOV1 LPH 525-A (50μl)
Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Region 17q11.2 constitutional red green NF1 LPU 017-SA (50μl)
LPU 017-A (100μl)
N-MYC (MYCN) Amplification 2p24.3/2q11.2 pathology red green MYCN, AFF3 LPS 009-A (100μl)
NUP214 Probe Red 9q34.12-q34.13 hematology red NUP214, LAMC3, FAM78A LPH 530-A (50μl)
NUP98 Distal Probe Green 11p15.4 hematology green NUP98, ZNF195 LPH 533-A (50μl)
NUP98 Proximal Probe Red 11p15.4 hematology red NUP98, STIM1 LPH-532-A (50μl)
P16 (CDKN2A) Deletion 9p21.3 hematology red green CDKN2A LPH 009-A (100μl)
P16 Deletion 9p21.3 hematopathology red green CDKN2A LPS 036-A (100μl)
P2RY8 Distal Xp22.33
hematology red P2RY8 LPH 513-A (100μl)
P2RY8 Proximal Xp22.33
hematology green P2RY8 LPH 514-A (50μl)
P53(TP53)/ATM Probe Combination 11q22.3
hematology red green ATM
LPH 052-A (100μl)
P53 (TP53) Deletion 17p13 hematology red green TP53 USA-LPH 017 (10 tests)
P53 (TP53) Deletion 17p13.1 hematopathology red green TP53 LPS 037-A (100μl)
P53 (TP53) Deletion 17p13.1 hematology red green TP53 LPH 017-A (100μl) - For Sale in Canada only
P53 (TP53) Probe Green 17p13.1 pathology green TP53 LPD 504-A (50μl)
P53 (TP53) Probe Green 17p13.1 hematology green TP53 LPD 504-A (50μl)
PAX3 Breakapart 2q36.1 pathology red green PAX3 LPS 012-A (100μl)
PAX7 Breakapart 1p36.13 pathology red green PAX7 LPS 013-A (100μl)
PBX1 1q23.3 hematology red PBX1 LPH 504-A (50μl)
PDGFRB Breakapart 5q32 hematology red green PDGFRB LPH 031-A (100μl)
PML/RARα(RARA) Translocation, Dual Fusion 15q24.1
hematology red green PML
LPH 023-A (100μl)
Porcelain Wash Jars ancillary items PCN 009
Prader-Willi/Angelman (SNRPN) Region 15q11.2 constitutional red green SNRPN LPU 005-SA (50μl)
LPU 005-A (100μl)
RARα (RARA) Distal 17q21.2 hematology green RARA, TOP2A, IGFBP4 LPH 063-A (50μl)
RARα (RARA) Proximal 17q21.1-q21.2 hematology red RARA, CASC3 LPH 062-A (50μl)
RB1 Deletion 13q14.2 hematopathology red green RB1 LPS 011-A (100μl)
RET Distal 10q11.21 pathology red RET LPS 509-A (50μl)
RET Proximal 10q11.21 pathology green RET LPS 508-A (50μl)