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Name Region Application Label Gene Names Catalogue no.
CRLF2 Distal Xp22.33
hematology green CRLF2 LPH 511-A (50μl)
CRLF2 Proximal Xp22.33
hematology red CRLF2 LPH 512-A (50μl)
CSF1R/RPS14 (5q32-q33) Probe Red 5q32-q33 hematology red CSF1R, RPS14 LPH 540-A (33.3μl)
CUX1 (7q22) Probe Green 7q22 hematology green CUX1 LPH 543-A (33.3μl)
Cytocell Slide Surface Thermometer ancillary items PCN 002-A
D13S25 Deletion 13q14.3 hematology red green DLEU7 LPH 043-A (100μl)
D13S319 Plus Deletion 13q14.2 hematology red green DLEU1, DLEU2 LPH 068-A (100μl)
DAPI ancillary items DES 1000L
DSS 500L
DFS 500L
DES 500L
DEK Probe Green 6p22.3 hematology green DEK, KDM1B LPH 531-A (50μl)
Del(20q) Deletion 20q12/20q13.12 hematology red green PTPRT, MYBL2 LPH 020-A (100μl)
Del(5q) Deletion 5q31.2 hematology red green EGR1 LPH 024-A (100μl)
Del(7q) Deletion 7q22.1-q22.2/7q31.2 hematology red green RELN, TES LPH 025-A (100μl)
DiGeorge II (10p14) 10p14 constitutional red green CELF2 LPU 015-SA (50μl)
LPU 015-A (100μl)
DiGeorge TBX1 Region and 22q13.3 Region 22q11.21/22q13.33 constitutional red green TBX1, SHANK3 LPU 014-SA (50μl)
LPU 014-A (100μl)
DiGeorge/VCFS N25 Region and 22q13.3 Region 22q11.21/22q13.33 constitutional red green CLTCL1, SHANK3 LPU 010-A (100μl)
LPU 010-SA (50μl)
DiGeorge/VCFS TUPLE1 Region and 22q13.3 Region 22q11.21/22q13.33 constitutional red green HIRA, SHANK3 LPU 004-A (100μl)
LPU 004-SA (50μl)
Dual Labeled Satellite Probe Sets Xp11.1-q11.1
constitutional red green LPE 0XYc-A (100µl)
LPE 0XYq-A (100µl)
E2A 19p13.3 hematology green TCF3 LPH 503-A (50μl)
E2A (TCF3) Breakapart 19p13.3 hematology red green TCF3 LPH 019-A (100μl)
EGFR Amplification 7p11.2 pathology red green EGFR LPS 003-A (100μl)
EGR1/CDC25C (5q31) Probe Green 5q31 hematology green EGR1 LPH 541-A (33.3μl)
EML4 Breakapart 2p21 pathology red green EML4 LPS 020-A (100μl)
ERG Control 21q22.13-q22.2 pathology blue ERG LPS 099-A (50μl)
ETV6 Distal Probe Red 12p13.2 pathology red ETV6 LPD 502-A (50μl)
ETV6 Distal Probe Red 12p13.2 hematology red ETV6 LPD 502-A (50μl)
ETV6 Proximal Probe Green 12p13.2 pathology green ETV6 LPD 501-A (50μl)
ETV6 Proximal Probe Green 12p13.2 hematology green ETV6 LPD 501-A (50μl)
EVI1 (MECOM) Breakapart 3q26.2 hematology red green blue MECOM, LRRC34 LPH 036-A (100μl)
EWSR1 Breakapart 22q12.1-q12.2 pathology red green EWSR1 LPS 006-A (100μl)
EWSR1/ERG Translocation, Dual Fusion 21q22
pathology red green ERG
LPS 008-A (100μl)
EZH2 (7q36) Probe Red 7q36 hematology red EZH2, CUL1 LPH 544-A (33.3μl)
FAST PML 15q24.1 hematology red PML LPH 501-A (50μl)
FAST RARα (RARA) 17q21.1-q21.2 hematology green RARA LPH 502-A (50μl)
FGFR1 Breakapart/Amplification 8p11.23-p11.22 pathology red green blue FGFR1 LPS 018-A (100μl)
FGFR3 Plus 4p16.3 hematology red FGFR3, MMSET LPH 521-A (50μl)
FIP1L1/CHIC2/PDGFRA Deletion/Fusion 4q12 hematology red green FIP1L1, CHIC2, PDGFRA LPH 032-A (100μl)
FLI1/EWSR1 Translocation, Dual Fusion 11q24.3
pathology red green FLI1
LPS 007-A (100μl)
FOXO1 Distal Probe Red 13q14.1 pathology red FOXO1 LPS 519-A (50μl)
FOXO1 Proximal Probe Green 13q14.1 pathology green FOXO1 LPS 518-A (50μl)
FUS Distal Probe Green 16p11.2 pathology green FUS LPS 521-A (50μl)