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Chromosome 15 Alpha Satellite Probe Red

Catalogue Numbers
LPH 548-A (33.3μl)

Probe Specification

  • D15Z4, 15p11.1-15q11.1, Red

The chromosome 15 alpha satellite probe, labelled in red, covers the highly repeated α-satellite sequences at 15p11.1-15q11.1.

I am grateful for the excellent products I receive from Cytocell at a reasonable price, but more importantly the superb customer support.  The speed in which I receive answers or suggestions makes my life as a director much easier and allows me to focus on patient care.  The quality and consistency of Cytocell’s probes means I can trust the results, and my clients get their results in a timely manner. Dr. Theresa C. Brown, Director, Cytogenetics Laboratory, Hayward Genetics Center, Tulane University School of Medicine

Microscope Images

Chromsome 15 alpha sat probe red magnified


Analyte Specific Reagent.
Analytical and performance characteristics are not established.