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Catalogue Numbers
LPS 515-A (50μl)

Probe Specification

  • 19p13 Probe, 19p13.2, Green

The 19p13.2 probe, labeled in green, consists of three probes (148kb, 174kb and 131kb) that cover regions including markers D19S1025 and D19S677E.

The quality and reproducibility of results using the Cytocell kit has been vital in accurately detecting co-deletions in our glioma investigations. We now have a cost-effective test that we can rely on that is also easy to use and interpret. We've been consistently impressed with this kit - not to mention the support offered by OGT's customer service, and have completely transitioned over to Cytocell probes. Gavin Cuthbert FRCPath, Head of Cancer Cytogenetics at the Northern Genetics Service in Newcastle, UK

Microscope Images

19p13 magnified


Analyte Specific Reagent.
Analytical and performance characteristics are not established.