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Join Cytocell University

As part of our ongoing support program for FISH laboratories, OGT’s Cytocell® University* is a Basics of FISH training conducted by one of our FISH experts over webinar or in your laboratory, if preferred, (when circumstances allow)!

University FISH

This program includes** presentations on:

  • What is FISH
  • Laboratory requirements
  • FISH protocols
  • Common abnormalities and signal patterns
  • FISH troubleshooting tips

Also get complimentary educational resources for your lab, Cytocell goodies and much more***.

Enter your contact details below to join Cytocell University. 

*Program limited to qualifying new OGT customers or existing customers who meet minimum annual volume requirements. Program offer expires December 31st, 2020.

**FISH Protocols & Common abnormalities and signal patterns for OGT's Cytocell Aquarius® AML/MDS range of FISH probe kits only.

*** Limited to one box per laboratory while supplies last.

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